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Name: Robert SewellDate: 4/10/2013
Served w/D troop 3/5 air cavalry from dec 68 - oct 70...we were one of the 1st units to go into the u minh forrest..i think the vietnamese called it the forbidden forrest of darkness..
EMail: rmsewell@cableone.net
Location: Dtersburg TN
Country: United States

Name: Michael PrinceDate: 4/9/2013
I was one of a detachment of US Navy Beachjumpers assigned to provide psy ops from Seawolves using 2100 watt PA and dropping leaflets as well as armed guards on many PBR night ops.
EMail: leapfrog71@yahoo.com
Location: San Angelo TX
Country: United States

Name: Bruce TerryDate: 3/24/2013
With the 82nd at Soc Trang, Jan 67 to Nov 68. Best flying and most fun I've had in 38 years of flying. Regards, all
EMail: brute2@comcast.net
Location: Mobile Alabama
Country: United States

Name: Rocco CastranovaDate: 3/1/2013
I was in the 82nd than the 57th,and 3rd surg.from time to time. I wonder who is still around. Sad thing I can't remember last names.Sometimes I can,but not for too long.
EMail: dustoff79er@gmail.com
Location: Bronx NY
Country: United States

Name: Clifton GortonDate: 11/21/2012
A lot of good memories from June,70 to June,71 at Binh Thuy. Especially the USO tours that made the tour more tolerable. I was an ADR-3 working nights in the inspection department . I remember the night a group of us was rounded up by the MP's at the Air Force Base after a rowdy night at the EM club and were escorted back to our base. As a rule I was not a drinker and I still am not a drinker, but the best memory I have is when my shipmates took me to the EM-club for my 21'st birthday and proceeded to get me so hammered it took a week to come back to my seances . To every one I served with during this time , thanks for the memories I may have forgotten the names of my shipmates but I will never forget the memories of my experience an time shared with my shipmates Again I can't thank every one enough. A SEAWOLF forever !!!
EMail: cliftongorton@gmail.com
Location: stilwell OK
Country: United States


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