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During the Vietnam war the use of helicopters to evacuate wounded soldiers saved countless lives. The first medical evacuation unit in Vietnam and the last to leave was the 57th Medical Detachment (HA). During the part of its tour, the 57th was co-located with the 82nd Medical Detachment in the Vietnam Delta region known as IV Corps. This site was created for the purpose of capturing and preserving as many stories, pictures and memories of that era as possible.

Nissi BooksThe owner of the site, David Freeman, was assigned to the 57th Med Detachment from October 13, 1971 until September 28, 1972. Following his tour, then CW2 Freeman again served with the 57th Med Detachment as its UH-1 Instructor Pilot (IP) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for three years.

Freeman is an author and publisher and has written two books based on his Vietnam experiences. His company, Nissi Publishing, has also published additional books about the Vietnam War written by helicopter pilots that flew during the war. These books are available at

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